That time of year again

It’s (almost) spring!

That means it’s time for Round 2 of the Trout Lily Project. And who doesn’t love getting outside to see what the plants are up to?


Shang-Yao Peter Lin snapped this terrific photo of a pollen-feeding beetle (Aesclera ruficollis) and solitary bee (Osmia sp.?) sharing a trout lily flower in 2016.  What will you find in the woods?

We received data from nearly 100 participants last year, and are getting a clearer picture of anther color distribution.  In short, both color morphs are widespread!


Data submitted during 2016. We could really use more observations from OH, WV, New England, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

There are some gaps in coverage though.  We are in particular need of data from Ohio, West Virginia, New England, Quebec, and the Maritimes.  If you’re in these regions, please participate! Or, if you know people in these regions, please spread the word!


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